New Law

Construction date: 2020

Location: Minsk

Type: Events

Geographic coordinates: 53.891391,27.550048

Legislation on the legal status of foreigners in the Republic of Belarus was amended.

The purpose is to create favourable conditions for the development of tourist, investment and educational attractiveness of Belarus. Amendments to the Law on the Legal Status of Foreign Nationals and Stateless Persons in the Republic of Belarus will come into force on 1 July 2020.
Foreigners arriving in Belarus for up to 10 days are exempted from the requirement to register with the internal affairs bodies. In other words, foreigners staying in hotels, sanatoriums, health resorts, recreational institutions and farmhouses are considered to be temporarily staying in Belarus and are not subject to registration regardless of the purpose of their entry into the Republic (tourism, business or private travel).

Legislative changes are also aimed to adjust the grounds for refusing visas for entry or entry into the country and to exercise the right of foreigners to be duly informed of such restrictions. A specific mechanism of receiving information by foreigners and their representatives on the inclusion of persons whose entry into Belarus is prohibited or undesirable is being defined. It will be possible to do this free of charge upon their written requests or through the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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