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Welcome to Minsk!

Minsk -is the capital of Republic of Belarus. Most likely, the name of the city occurred from Menka's river (Menia) which was inflow of Nemiga.

Welcome to Grodno!

Grodno -is the one of the oldest, most beautiful and comfortable cities of Belarus.

Welcome to Brest!

Brest -is the city with rich and ancient history. Is on the joint of territories of European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Welcome to Vitebsk!

Vitebsk -is the cultural capital of Belarus, the homeland of the famous artist Marc Chagall.

Welcome to Gomel!

Gomel -is the modern administrative and industrial center located in the south of Belarus which takes the second position after the capital.

Welcome to Mogilyov!

Mogilyov - is located in the east of Belarus, on picturesque river banks of Dnepr on which in 1812 there was a battle of army of Napoleon with the Russian armies.

Nesvizh Palace

The Nesvizh palace-and-park complex (built in the 16-18th centuries)

Mir Castle

The Mir Castle – a masterpiece of Belarusian architecture.

Cathedral of St Sophia

Build in the mid-11th century.

Welcome to Belarus!

It’s Not Hallucination

Belarus settled visa-free travel for the citizens of 80 states

Starting from 12th of February 2017, the visa-free travel regime is settled for the citizens of 80 states (see the list below), who enter and leave Belarus from Minsk National Airport within no more than 5 days after the date of entry.

The President’s decision aims to raise the number of business trips, tourism and private visits of people with regular passports and will not apply to foreigners on official trips with diplomatic, service, special and similar passports.

The citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, Honduras, India, China, Lebanon, Namibia, Samoa should also have a valid multi-visa to the EU states or the Schengen Area with a mark confirming the entry to their territory, plane tickets with a confirmation of the departure from the Minsk National Airport within 5 days after the date of the entry. New regulations also apply to the non-citizens of Latvia and stateless persons of Estonia.

NOTE!!!  The visa-free regime does not apply to people arriving to Belarus by plane from Russia and planning to go to the airports of Russia (these are internal flights with no border control).

At the moment foreign citizens may leave Belarus and enter Russia or leave Russia and enter Belarus only through the third countries, which have international checkpoints with Russia and Belarus.