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Welcome to Minsk!

Minsk -is the capital of Republic of Belarus. Most likely, the name of the city occurred from Menka's river (Menia) which was inflow of Nemiga.

Welcome to Grodno!

Grodno -is the one of the oldest, most beautiful and comfortable cities of Belarus.

Welcome to Brest!

Brest -is the city with rich and ancient history. Is on the joint of territories of European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Welcome to Vitebsk!

Vitebsk -is the cultural capital of Belarus, the homeland of the famous artist Marc Chagall.

Welcome to Gomel!

Gomel -is the modern administrative and industrial center located in the south of Belarus which takes the second position after the capital.

Welcome to Mogilyov!

Mogilyov - is located in the east of Belarus, on picturesque river banks of Dnepr on which in 1812 there was a battle of army of Napoleon with the Russian armies.

Nesvizh Palace

The Nesvizh palace-and-park complex (built in the 16-18th centuries)

Mir Castle

The Mir Castle – a masterpiece of Belarusian architecture.

Cathedral of St Sophia

Build in the mid-11th century.

Welcome to Belarus!

Belarus is one the most picturesque countries in Europe. Our country is well-known for its hospitality and modern life-style. Numerous tourist sights, wonderful nature, delicious local food, low prices by European standards – this is what makes you return to Belarus again and again. In order to see all these attractions and spend an unforgettable holiday the foreign citizens need to get a visa to Belarus.

Types of Belarusian visas

To enter the Republic of Belarus you need a visa.

There are 3 types of visa to Belarus:

  • A short-term visa.

This is the best option for those who are planning to stay in Belarus for the period not exceeding 90 days. This type of visa is usually made for students, businessmen, individuals travelling for the tourist or private purposes. A short-term visa can be single, double or multiple. For the clients of “BelarusTourService” company, who are travelling in groups, a group visa is made out.

  • A long-term visa.

This type of visa is valid for up to 1 year and entitles to the numerous (more than 2 times) entries, stays and departures from the Republic of Belarus.

  • A transit visa.

A transit Belarus visa is issued for transit through the territory of the Republic and is valid for 48 hours from the moment of entry.

Where to get a Belarusian visa

  • in Diplomatic representations and consular institutions of the Republic of Belarus.
  • at the «National Airport Minsk» (on arrival) in the Foreign Admissions Division of the Consular Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

A visa issuing authority defines the list of documents which must be provided by the applicant. Our visa-support service will ease the formalities and help you to optimize the visa application process. Information about “Belarustourservice” visa support service is available here.

The required documents for obtaining a visa to Belarus

To obtain an entry visa, a foreign citizen should submit the following mandatory documents to a visa issuing authorities:

  • one copy of a completed visa application form,
  • one photograph (size 35x45 mm, full face, against an even light background, high resolution, no corrugation, 70 — 80 percent of the picture placed vertically, 6 months-older photos not accepted),
  • visa support documents,
  • valid foreign travel document (passport),
  • medical insurance contract,
  • a confirmation of the consular fee paid.

Belarustourservice provides the tourists and business travelers with complete travel assistance and a full range of services. We consult on any type of the visas mentioned above, help independent travelers and groups to make a hotel booking in every corner of Belarus, organize sightseeing, transfers and other services, which will make your stay in Belarus comfortable.