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The “Belarustourservice” company acts under the Certificate of conformity of services registered in the register of National system of confirmation of compliance of Republic of Belarus for No. BY 112 04 03 07100854. It is valid till 04.06.2024.

Visa support for receiving the Belarusian tourist visa appears on the basis of acquisition of tourist services.

Cost of visa support procedure depends on several factors. Should it be individual visa, or the person receives the visa in group. In what country there is an Embassy located in which the visa will issue and where it is necessary to send documents. From the urgency of preparation of documents.

Depending on all these factors cost of our services in visa support makes from 5 to 36 US dollars on the person.

After receiving all specified documents you can fill the visa questionnair Visa application form

Pay attention that it is necessary for you to pay also a consular fee for issue of visa directly in the Embassy. The size of a consular fee depends on a type of the visa (individual, group) and nationality. You can find rates of consular fees HERE Rates of the consular fees.

The embassy has the right to refuse issue of visa in case of incorrectly prepared documents or if you provide doubtful personal data on.

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