Health insurance regulations

Medical insurance for tourists in Belarus

Since October 1, 2000 all tourists visiting Belarus must obtain medical insurance.

All foreign citizens (see exceptions) are obliged to have a medical insurance issued by a Belarusian insurance company or an authorized foreign insurance company. The medical insurance guarantees emergency medical aid for any insured tourist on the territory of Belarus.

Important. Any insurance certificate (policy) issued by a foreign insurance company must be valid on the territory of the Republic of Belarus during the whole period of stay and must cover all contingencies stipulated in the law of the Republic of Belarus. Limitation of the insurer's liability is 10 000 EURO.

All necessary documents (contracts of insurance and certificates) are provided by the agents of insurance companies at the border of the Republic of Belarus.

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus and registered legal entities who officially invite foreign citizens to visit the country are entitled to sign up a complete medical insurance agreement on their behalf.

Medical insurance must be obtained by:

  • tourists with Belarusian transit visa travelling to other countries through Belarus;
  • owners of diplomatic and other service passports;
  • heads of foreign states and governments, members of parliamentary, governmental and business delegations invited by governing bodies of the Republic of Belarus;
  • heads and members of diplomatic and consular missions;
  • members and representatives of international organizations in the Republic of Belarus;
  • members of international aircraft crews and rail teams;
  • members of foreign Air Forces and other military people arriving in Belarus for participation in common military actions;
  • persons who arrived at the border of the Republic of Belarus to carry out representative activities;
  • CIS citizens;
  • holders of UNO permits;
  • holders of travel document (‘titre de voyage’) issued to stateless persons and refugees.

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