RUTO: We demand to stop the violence!

Construction date: 13.08.2020

Location: Minsk

Type: Events

Geographic coordinates: 53.891391,27.550048

The Republican Union of Tourism Organizations of Belarus condemns the use of violence happening these days in our country against ordinary citizens.
It contradicts with the Constitution and is unacceptable in a civilized country, where all problems and controversial issues need to be resolved peacefully.
The investment climate, tourism business, and many sectors of the economy depend on the image of the country. Nowadays, the image of Belarus, which is peaceful, quiet, clean in all senses, is being inflicted enormous damage. Belarus runs the risk of becoming a rogue country.
Then we can forget about inbound tourism for many years to come. The damage to the economy may be irreparable!

RUTO demands to stop the violence! We ask to solve all problems in a peaceful way!

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