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Construction date: 2020

Location: Minsk

Type: Tours

Geographic coordinates: 53.9262976, 27.4452518,12

Belarus did not close the borders for the entry of foreign citizens into its territory.

Visa-free entry for citizens of 73 countries is allowed through the Minsk National Airport.  As before, Belavia Airlines operates regular flights to some European cities and, if necessary, foreign citizens of many countries have the opportunity to visit Belarus.

 Serious measures are being taken in Belarus to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.  The multistage control is established at Minsk National Airport. At the arrival experts enter aircraft and check passengers for symptoms of illness.  Each passenger will receive a memo, which explains in detail that it is necessary 14 days to monitor their health and call an ambulance if symptoms of the disease appear.  Then passengers pass through thermal imagers, which help to remotely identify a person with a temperature.

Movement on the territory of the Belarus is not limited, but you need to remember about civil liability.  It is about constant self-monitoring and compliance with all recommendations for personal protection. Protective equipment (antiseptics, gloves, etc.) is provided in the stores, banks, and other public places which are still open for visiting in Minsk and other cities. You must have an individual protective mask with you all the time.

 If you are unable to leave Belarus at the scheduled time for some serious reason, the citizenship and migration departments of the internal affairs can extend the period of the stay of foreign guests in our country up to 90 days, and if necessary, even more.
Unfortunately, the land borders of the neighboring countries with Belarus are still closed.  Exceptions are made only for freight transport delivering essential goods.

 Belarusians are optimistic and confident that people will soon return to their usual lives.  Pandemics and crises pass, but life goes on.

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