COVID-19. New requirements

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For entry of foreign citizens into Belarus and self-isolation.

The Government of the Republic of Belarus has changed the requirements for self-isolation and entry of foreign citizens in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The period of stay in self-isolation has been reduced to 7 calendar days. At the same time, citizens staying in self-isolation are allowed, in case of emergency, to visit a health care organization to receive medical care.

Foreign citizens and stateless persons, except those permanently residing in the Republic of Belarus, who come from countries that are not included in the list, when crossing the state border of the Republic of Belarus must have an original medical document (in Russian, Belarusian or English) confirming a negative result of laboratory examination for COVID-19 infection, taken no later than 72 hours before the date of crossing the border of the Republic of Belarus.

This requirement does not apply to those who are in transit through the territory of the Republic of Belarus and have documents proving their departure within one day.

Control over the availability of medical documents for foreign nationals who have arrived from countries that are not included in the List of countries where COVID-19 infections are registered will be carried out by border guard officers.



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