Registration of foreign citizens

Laws of Republic of Belarus demand that all foreigners arriving to the country need to be registered. It is very simple procedure that takes a minimum of time. However it has some nuances about which it is necessary to know in order to avoid problems.

Where there takes place the registration of foreigners?

The registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons is carried out:

· at hotels, sanatoria or health complex  (both according to the statement of the foreigner, and according to written petitions of the accepting organizations);

· in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Belarus;

· in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Belarus.

It should be noted that members of governmental, parliamentary and other official delegations do not need to pass registration, and this refers also to their technicians.

Besides, citizens of Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine are exempted from registration, if they are coming to Belarus for a period of up to 30 days.

If the foreigner during stay in Belarus changes a residence, he is obliged to be registered in the new place of residence within 5 days (except for the days off, public holidays and holidays).

How to receive registration?

- Now there is no need to address an internal affairs authority in person.

During temporary staying on the territory of the Republic of Belarus foreign citizens and stateless persons have an opportunity of electronic registration on the official website: This procedure is free and available for foreigners who entered the Republic of Belarus at checkpoints across the state border.

A foreigner can register himself or through a representative within 5 working days after arrival in Belarus. To tell the truth, electronic registration can get not every person. This procedure is not available for those foreigners who arrive in Belarus from Russia. These foreigners must apply personally to the migration office of the local law enforcement department in Belarus.

- If you stay at a hotel, registration will be executed by its employee after passport presentation. This service is absolutely free and takes only a few minutes.

- If you stay at relatives, friends home or on the private apartment, you together with the owner of the apartment need to address in Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of a corresponding residence. There it will be necessary to fill in the special form and to pay the national duty (0,5 basic sizes, or about USD 12). Thus it is necessary to show to the staff of Department of Citizenship and Migration the passport and insurance policy.

As you can see, nothing complicate. Therefore do not delay with registration and enjoy your staying in Belarus!

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