Migration Card

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The migration card must be filled out to foreign citizens who are visiting Russia!

At the entrance to the territory of the Republic of Belarus a foreign citizen shall obtain a Migration Card, which should be filled in and submitted at the border crossing point of the Republic of Belarus.

The migration card must be handed over to an official of the frontier service of the Republic of Belarus when leaving.

The official of the frontier service of the Republic of Belarus makes a note in the migration card about foreigner’s arrival and leaving the Republic of Belarus.

How and where can a person get a migration card to enter Belarus?

The migration card you can get right on the border before passing the border control.
- by steward on the plane before arriving at the National Airport "Minsk"

-by train conductor  before arriving at the border control

-by bus driver

If the transport company’s  employee won’t have  the migration cards, the form will get you the guard.

Attention! On the reverse side of the migration card is stamped the registration.

Procedure for the registration of foreign citizens in Belarus.


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